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I’m not concerned with how many vinyasa’s you can do or whether you can balance on your head.

I utilize yoga as means to reawaken the authentic spirit within. To tap into all of your creative potential. To unstick all of the stuck stuff.

This is yoga as self-care to help you go deep, get clarity and find that place where contentment meets excitement. 


It is my humble goal to be a guide and partner on this journey of creating a life you are excited to live.

Yoga is our roadmap to getting there.

Through my classes and workshops, I teach you how to find your inner fire. To heal. To become empowered. To have gratitude and to live in authentic self expression.

The way I see it, yoga helps you remember that you have the power to create change and I wish for all women everywhere to feel in charge of their lives.

Honor the woman within by giving her the love and attention she deserves.

paige nowak denver yoga teacher


Delve a little deeper into yourself with these specialized intensives for you or a group

paige nowak denver yoga teacher

private 1:1 yoga

Receive personalized attention to enhance your yoga practice + watch the benefits ripple throughout your life