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Yin yoga + Journaling workshop

Discover clarity and inner contentment in this yin yoga + journaling workshop. You will be guided through a practice of gentle poses, each held for 3-5 minutes, followed by prompted journaling exercise + reflection.


By practicing yoga + writing in tandem, you are both deepening your yoga practice + accessing the well of insight that is already within you. You may have noticed in other yoga classes that as the body relaxes + the mind chatter slows, certain thoughts or realizations will arise. Specific journaling questions will coax out those sparks of creativity through stream of consciousness writing. 


For the experienced writer + curious beginner alike, you will walk away with a sense of grounding, relief of stress + the tools to add journaling into your personal yoga practice or self-care routine.

December 2, 2017

Infinity Yoga Chicago

1.00-3.30 pm

$35/ $40 at the door

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