Work With Me 

Life is a journey.

Visualize + it will come.

Keep the vibe high + think positive thoughts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, you knooooow... 

So then why isn't this shit clicking yet?  


I bet you've been in this spiritual growth/ self-betterment game for sometime. You counted your blessings, you did your down-dogs, chanted some affirmations + read every freaking self-help book under the sun. It helped, it really did- but there's still some sort of block.

You've read the books, been to a workshop (or 10), you've tried some tactics to up-level your life + has actually made some great changes. Things are good, but like, stuck.

You're at some sort of plateau that you can’t get past + it’s really, really annoying.

You're happy in life, people even comment on how great your energy is, but it feels like a lie sometimes... Quietly at night when the mask comes off and the day is through the worries sink in...

Am I doing enough?

What do I really even want?

How do I trust my intuition when I'm not really sure what it sounds like?

Who are these people that are actually grateful for their struggles? Is that even real?

And those women with all the sex appeal and confidence? Who are they??

The constant question, "Am I doing it right?" lingers in the back of your mind leaving you anxious and indecisive. 


(Here is good place to take a deep breath then keep reading... )

Now, imagine yourself moving with ease and grace throughout your day. You are fucking teflon to stress. You wake up each morning with a self evident purpose and the power to live it out. You are comfortable and confident in the way your body moves through the world. You are magnetic to the change you wish to create and manifest. Your intuition is your superpower and you have complete trust in yourself. 

You are off the hamster wheel so it feels like life is happening FOR you not to you. 


Okay, cool and all... but now how to get from here to there.