why private yoga?

Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western health paradigms, Private Yoga with me is exactly what YOU need it to be.

Yoga is a process of self-realization focusing not just on one ailment, but the condition of body and mind holistically.

Through the explorative nature of movement, we release blockages from our joints and in the mind that distract focus and overall function. Without pain and burdens weighing us down, we begin unearthing our true human potential of health and bliss. 

how does IT work?

Personalized to be most effective, in this healing experience I meet your diverse needs by assessing current goals and designing a session completely unique to you, putting the power of transformation in your own hands. 

Sixty-minute sessions are designed within your comfort level, respecting personal faith & culture and customized through various techniques including:

  • Asanas- physical postures

  • Kriyas- repeated movements

  • Pranayama- breathing techniques

  • Meditation

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reiki- energy healing

    who could benefit from Personalized yoga?

    Consistent practice yields the best results, so treatments are designed for you to implement in a way that is conducive to your lifestyle. You begin paving new neural pathways when you habituate healthy choices in your daily routine.

    After all, habits are just decisions we've made ahead of time, so why not choose decisions you'll be glad you made! 



    • Stress

    • Chronic Pain                             

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Complacency and Fear

    • Digestive Disorders

    • Insomnia

    • Much More


  • Working towards specific health goals

  • Beginner interested in learning from the comfort of home

  • Interested in deepening your practice

  • Curious how to improve health

  • A desire for empowerment and self-worth

  • Want personalized support with the safety and guidance of trained professional