Life is a journey.

Visualize + it will come.

Keep the vibe high + think positive thoughts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, you knooooow...

So then why isn't this shit clicking yet? 

If you're like me, you've been in this spiritual growth/ self-betterment game for sometime. You counted your blessings, you did your down-dogs, chanted some affirmations + read every freaking Gabby Bernstein book under the sun. It helped, it really did- but there was still some sort of block

I know I'm capable.. I've transitioned, grown + healed.. so then why do I feel like I plateaued? The pain of knowing you're holding yourself is unbearable. So how do I up-level?

And things are good, sure, but at this point you might be feeling like something's off. You are craving more, your soul is calling for something bigger... but you're just not there yet. It's like, you see the road before you but there's the weight of cinderblocks on your feet keeping you where you're at. 

And no matter how much we can try to convince ourself otherwise, no one really wants to be stagnant or stuck. Our souls are here on Earth to stretch, expand + up-level through life. 

Wants to stop going through the motions + live with more purpose + intention + shakti woman power! She wants to stop holding back, she wants to stop repeating the same old patterns + she doesn’t want to be afraid to express, be real + take up some damn space in the world. She’s a little self conscious but knows there are ways to chip away at that + find the gold underneath it.

If you're like me you might be asking, Why does it feel like I'm stuck on this hamster wheel of the same thing over + over again? Why do I keep bumping into the same situations, relationships + problems. Why does it seem like these women around me have everything + how did they do it? 

Right now it might feel like