paige nowak denver yoga teacher

Navigating life as a woman in 2019, Paige is on a heart driven mission to empower others through the practice of yoga and meditation. Having navigated depression, heartbreak and the other tumultuous waves of life, yoga has been a saving grace that she wishes to spread to women everywhere.

In an affirmative practice, Paige gently guides women through an experience of their own body in order to release stagnant emotions and fill them with new beliefs and a high self-esteem. Every class with Paige is an opportunity to reconnect to the most important relationship in life- the one with yourself.

Paige’s undeniable positivity, effervescence and wisdom beyond her years helps students feel at ease in their bodies and their phase of life. When not teaching, Paige can be found scouring vintage shops, finding a new way to move her body or hugging a tree. Paige is a proud resident of Denver, Colorado where she serves women as a private yoga instructor and coach. When not at home, she is studying from her mentors around the globe and on a mission to find the world's best chocolate croissant. 


paige nowak denver yoga instructor


I believe in forgiveness + fresh starts.

I believe that if you want to ease the suffering of the world, you should start with your own. 

I believe in long exhales, slow stretches + bare feet on soft grass. 

I believe that yoga is healing.

I believe that we are all born with the capacity for creating a life full of purpose, love + greatness. 

And I know for certain that health, harmony + happiness is every persons birthright.