My Journey

paige nowak denver yoga teacher

The first time yoga saved my life was in 2009. Navigating a suicidal depression at the time, it was through the practice of yoga I was reacquainted with my wholeness + healed the pain that I had been carrying with me for far too long.

It was in yoga that I found comfort in my own skin + the benefits began to ripple throughout all facets of my life. I had unearthed a self evident purpose that was always there. 

This experience has put me on a heart-driven mission to share the tools that practicing yoga has equipped me with. In a balance of heat building movement + still introspection, I teach classes that help you feel grounded, centered + capable. It is my intention to present yoga as a life practice + as an avenue to personal empowerment. My classes are nurturing, life affirming + intentional. 

Having studied Eastern philosophies + various healing modalities all across the world, I bring a universal approach to yoga that is open to everyone. From this place, I encourage you to be the change you wish to see in the world by first looking inward.


paige nowak denver yoga instructor


I believe in forgiveness + fresh starts.

I believe that if you want to ease the suffering of the world, you should start with your own. 

I believe in long exhales, slow stretches + bare feet on soft grass. 

I believe that yoga is healing.

I believe that we are all born with the capacity for creating a life full of purpose, love + greatness. 

And I know for certain that health, harmony + happiness is every persons birthright. 


200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher - Paramanand Institute, Indore, India

Yoga Therapy Certification - Paramanand Institute, Indore, India

Thai Yoga Massage - Saba De Kai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reiki Master